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The first single off of Savri’s Debut EP ‘Not About Me’ tells about the longing for a different life that brought Severin Bruhin to the decision to move to London. It’s about the escape out of the bubble he was stuck in and the departure into the unknown to find this different life. Of the fears and sorrows that come with such an undertaking and the realisation of a dream, that was the beginning of a long journey. ‘Rain of Gold’ features Anna Elina on vocals, Luca Gianassi on guitar, and Vertaal’s Ajit Gill and Theo Howarth on drums and keys. It's out on the 16th of April 2021.



SAVRI is the musical conclusion of a long personal journey. Severin Bruhin grew up in a village in central Switzerland. He picked up the violoncello at age 5 and the electric bass seven years later. The exposure to classical, jazz, hip-hop and rock music played a significant role in shaping his musical DNA.


In 2016, he decided to break out of the bubble he was stuck in and moved to London to follow the one thing that meant everything to him: Music. However, what he was confronted with were his personal problems. Alone in London, he had no more distractions from facing his accumulated negativity and self-doubt. The love for music remained and allowed him to meet and respect himself and the world around him on a deeper level. The world felt real for the first time in a long time.


The personal growth reflects in his musical career. He played international tours and concerts with Orava, Chris Reardon, Ms. Iles and Vermilion Day in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland. Alongside the hip-hop jazz duo Vertaal, he played the major jazz clubs in London, including Ronnie Scott’s and sold out Jazz Cafe.


Severin moved back to Zurich in 2019. His debut EP ‚Not About Me’ - coming out in October 2021 - is the collection of emotions, impressions and memories of these three years in London, manifested in mesmerizing grooves and rhythms, melancholic melodies and soothing textures. A personal souvenir – shaped by London musicians he got to know and love.

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